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Jennifer Tozser, CFP, CFA, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Tozser Wealth Management: National Bank Financial

Suite 200, 239 -8th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1B9

Team Assets (Custodied)


Typical Size of Household Accounts

$300,000 -

Minimum Account Size for New Business


Typical Net-Worth of Relationships

$1-million -

Jennifer Tozser leads Tozser Wealth Management at National Bank Financial. She has been in the wealth management industry for over 20 years, helping clients to create wealth, plan for and transition into retirement, and create legacy.

Jennifer has seen some of the best and worst markets in our history, which has made her a better portfolio manager. The unpredictability in the markets has taught Jennifer the importance of having and maintaining discipline when it comes to navigating the markets. In addition to portfolio management, Jennifer considers other factors in wealth management, such as financial planning, estate planning and tax planning. To ensure a successful outcome, she works with the appropriate professionals to get the job done right with as little stress as possible. Jennifer believes that collaboration is the key to success.

Her team only has one portfolio, which is customized for each client based on their individual needs. Every month, each client’s account is reviewed individually in a format that Jennifer has designed. All trading is specific to each client and considers the unique characteristics of that portfolio.

Tozser Wealth Management hosts an annual presentation in January that outlines what they feel are the major themes and trends for the upcoming year. Jennifer’s team considers these macro trends when determining their annual asset allocation for client portfolios. They also keep in touch with clients regularly with scheduled one-on-one meetings, LinkedIn posts and YouTube videos.

Jennifer believes that taking the time to strategize with clients is the key to having a successful investing experience.

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