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Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s business and investing news quiz. Join us each week to test your knowledge of the stories making the headlines. Our business reporters come up with the questions, and you can show us what you know.

This week in business and investing: Canadians owe a staggering amount of money, as evidenced this week by a report from Equifax Canada. The agency, which said Canadians’ credit card balances hit an all-time high in the second quarter, also note that delinquencies aren’t rising as fast as expected in the face of high inflation and high interest rates.

Meanwhile, a cybersecurity attack took down another Canadian website, a sports drink company filed bankruptcy protection, and Airbnb shares jumped on the news the company booked a spot in another stock market index.

Do you remember these stories? Take our quiz below to test your recall for the week ending Sept. 15.

1Shoplifting has "become an epidemic," according to the chief executive officer of which British retailer?
a. Primark
b. Marks & Spencer
c. Tesco
d. Morrisons

a. Primark. "Sadly, in the last year we've seen twice as many offences," Sharon White, chair of the John Lewis Partnership (which owns Primark and Waitrose supermarkets) said in an interview with the BBC.

2The RCMP was called in after a cybersecurity incident took down the website and app of which company?
a. The LCBO
b. The Weather Network
c. Shopify
d. Amazon

b. The Weather Network. The breach, initially described as a "system outage," began to affect the company on Monday. The site's parent company has called in the RCMP to investigate the cybersecurity incident.

3Canadian consumer debt reached an all-time high in this year's second quarter. How much do Canadians owe in total?
a. $12.4-billion
b. $1.1-million
c. $1.3-trillion
d. $2.4-trillion

d. $2.4-trillion. While the average non-mortgage debt per credit-active consumer sits around $21,000, the total Canadian consumer debt reached $2.4-trillion during the second quarter.

4The union representing cabin crew for which airline was in the news this week after Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre used the plane's PA system to make a campaign-style speech Sunday night?
a. Breeze Airways
b. WestJet
c. JetBlue
d. Ryanair

b. WestJet. The union demanded an apology from the airline over the incident, with the president of CUPE 4070 saying it was "very disappointing" that the airline allowed a politician to use the PA system.

5Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $74-million in funding to fast-track the construction of homes in London, Ont., this week. How many new homes will the agreement help build?
a. 2,000
b. 20,000
c. 1,200
d. 1,600

a. 2,000. London is the first city to get targeted local funding under the Housing Accelerator Fund. The federal funding will fast-tracking development of 2,000 housing units within three years.

6Shares for the short-term rental company Airbnb jumped this week on the news it would be added to which index?
a. S&P 500
b. Nasdaq Composite
c. FTSE 100
d. TSX

a. S&P 500. The S&P Dow Jones Indices said it will add the short-term rental site to the S&P 500.

7Biosteel filed for creditor protection in the U.S. and Canada. The sports drink company is owned by which Ontario-based cannabis company?
a. Canopy Growth
b. Green Budz
c. Breeze Airways
d. CannaGrowth

a. Canopy Growth. The company sunk more than $416-million into the floundering drink division since the acquisition in 2019.

8Of these pandemic-popular companies, which one came out on top in terms of its 2021 peak price?
a. Peloton
b. Lululemon
c. Zoom
d. DocuSign

b. Lululemon. While all of these companies that were at the top of people's bookmarks during the height of the pandemic are now down, Lulelmon's has only a 17-per-cent decrease from its 2021 peak, whereas Zoom is 87-per-cent lower, DocuSign is down 85 per cent and Peloton is trading a full 97-per-cent lower.

9 How much is this house? This three-bedroom, two-bathroom property hugs the edge of Taylor Creek Park near Toronto’s Danforth Village. Its selling point? A backyard cozying up to the tree canopy, located a one-minute walk from the entrance to Taylor Creek Trail.
a. $2,350,000
b. $1,750,000
c. $1,950,000
d. $1,650,000

a. $1,650,000. The family-friendly home is listed for $1,650,000.

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