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On Sunday, March 15, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi declared a state of emergency for the city, and then the province of Alberta followed later in the week with its own province wide declaration. Alberta is also implementing new measures on social distancing. The province is banning any organized gathering of more than 50 people, and all Albertans are prohibited from going to public recreation facilities and private entertainment venues such as casinos, bingo halls, bars, theatres and children’s play centres. The list of prohibited gathering spots also includes arenas, science centres, museums, art galleries, and fitness and community centres. Photographer Todd Korol visited spots around the city at the times that they would normally be buzzing with people. He found empty spaces, with people following orders to stay home and avoid social gatherings.

A pair of geese walk down an empty sidewalk in front of the new Calgary Public Library that is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak in Calgary.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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The Peace Bridge designed by world renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava sits empty due to the coronavirus during what would be the commute home for downtown workers in Calgary.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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Downtown city streets see very little traffic these days due to the coronavirus outbreak in Calgary.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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China town in the city's downtown core was the first place for businesses to be hit hard, with some reporting business down 75% according to local news reports.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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A children's playground used all year long at a community centre in Calgary.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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Created by local artists and ranchers Bob Spaith and Rich Roenisch, By the Banks of the Bow is a narrative in bronze that depicts our past, present and future.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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A lone pedestrian walks out of the Bow building at noon which would normally be packed with people leaving for lunch.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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Normally a hub of activity in the Hudson Bay parking lot at Market Mall.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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A lone students walks across the University of Calgary campus which is now closed to classes.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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A near empty street that should be lined with cars and pedestrians.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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The Cineplex Odeon theatre sits empty on a Tuesday evening.TODD KOROL/The Globe and Mail

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