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Some faculty members at Cape Breton University have walked off the job.

Their strike started Friday, with the faculty’s union saying the administration has disrespected it at every turn, which has led to a large number of labour grievances.

The union issued a statement saying it is seeking pay raises to deal with the soaring cost of living, but it is also calling for changes to how the university is dealing with a rapidly growing population of international students.

The Cape Breton University Faculty Association represents librarians, lab instructors, writing centre advisers, archivists, research chairs and nursing practice educators.

The administration issued a statement assuring students that no Canadian university has ever lost a term to strike, though it confirmed that most classes have been cancelled.

As well, the university says it is ready to continue talks with faculty members.

The university is also advising the union that while picket lines are legal, they must allow the normal movement of people and vehicles on and off the campus.