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The pandemic has exposed a number of systemic issues in Canadian society, including a lack of actionable data, which has proven to be a critical weakness.

How are we to develop a viable recovery plan with little to no knowledge about key health and economic indicators? In an award-winning series, The Globe and Mail found that Canada has a long-standing problem with information gaps, leaving us particularly vulnerable during the current crisis. Get a deep dive on our nation’s data deficiencies with the reporters behind the story, and learn about how Canada’s lack of knowledge is stalling our recovery from the pandemic, socially and economically. Read a recent story on the topic: How Canada’s crucial data gaps are hindering the coronavirus pandemic response

Deputy National Editor Renata D’Aliesio was in conversation with reporters Eric Andrew-Gee and Tavia Grant, and discussed these issues including what we know about who is being affected, where, and why it matters as part of Canada’s recovery plan.