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It took nine years, but Mounties in Whitehorse have been able to identify human remains found on a local trail as those of a British Columbia man.

Police say a mountain biker travelling along a trail off Long Lake Road discovered a human head in 2009, but a search of the area by officers and a police dog couldn’t find anything else.

In September, 2016, two other mountain bikers in the same area were off course in a very steep incline when they found a backpack and decayed clothing.

Further police searchers that fall and the spring of 2017 didn’t find identification, but did find sunglasses, money, and a personal digital assistant device which police were able to link to a 2007 purchase by a Metro Vancouver man.

Police now say the human remains are confirmed to be those of Terry Fai Vong of Port Coquitlam, who would have been 41 years old at the time his remains were discovered.

He had been a missing person since 2007 and police say their investigation has determined that his death was not suspicious.

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