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The Globe and Mail is experimenting with a new way to give you information about the U.S. election. Introducing "GloBot," our Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Why should I sign up for GloBot?
GloBot is designed to send you one message a day related to our coverage of the U.S. election. These messages will be sent to you via Facebook Messenger. Messages will summarize what you should know today about the U.S. Election. For fun, GloBot will occasionally offer up a quiz question or two.

You can also ask it basic questions about the election, like the date and time of the next U.S. presidential debate.  If you ask it something it doesn't understand, it will let you know.

What can't GloBot do? 
GloBot can't give you non-election news, and it can't answer non-election questions. Think of GloBot as a really focused toddler; it can't answer what it doesn't know but it loves telling you what it does know.

Why is The Globe experimenting with chatbots?
Personal messaging is predicted to be the next online frontier, outpacing social networks in the number of users and the attention that they invest. GloBot will help us learn the best ways to interact with our users in this space. As always, we want to deliver our news to you where you are.

What is a chatbot?
Chatbots are computer programs designed to mimic human conversations through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Artificial Intelligence, with a healthy dose of human oversight, plays a big role in making the conversation feel real and the responses genuine.

How do I sign up for GloBot?
To sign up for GloBot, simply send it a message saying "hello" here.

For the best mobile experience, please open GloBot in your Facebook Messenger app. Many of our links wont appear when using messenger in Facebook mobile browser.

How do I unsubscribe from GloBot? 
There are two ways to unsubscribe from GloBot's messages. You can "mute" GloBot in your message settings, or you can type "unsubscribe" or "quit."

Tell us what you think
This is an experiment and we're learning something new every day. We're eager to hear your thoughts on GloBot's content offerings and delivery style.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with questions or feedback via e-mail ( or Twitter (@Busta_). And help us spread the word by sharing this article on social media.

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