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Welcome to Coronavirus Insights & Updates, a new call-in series, allowing you to get closer to the stories, and hear the latest developments from our experts.

In the latest talk, the Globe’s Beijing-based correspondent Nathan VanderKlippe joined Angela Murphy, Foreign Editor, for an in-depth interview.

If you missed it, listen to the call by clicking on the link below.

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David Walmsley and Nicole MacIntyre explain how The Globe and Mail is covering the coronavirus pandemic. Ivan Semeniuk will discuss the latest scientific developments.

This two-part session is a special edition of the Coronavirus Insights & Updates call-in series, taking place on Thursday April 9th @ 12 p.m.

Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley and Deputy National Editor Nicole MacIntyre will share behind the scenes details about how The Globe and Mail is covering the pandemic remotely.

Ivan Semeniuk, The Globe’s science reporter, will share what scientists are focused on today:

  • How mathematicians and epidemiologists are trying to predict the course of the pandemic and assess how effective social distancing measures are at flattening the curve.
  • What scientists are learning about the origins and biological properties of the virus that would help stop it and also prevent future outbreaks.
  • The current state of efforts to develop vaccines to prevent infection and effective therapies for those who have already been infected
  • Various tech innovations aimed at improving our ability to track cases, test the population for immunity and maximize the resources needed to treat severe cases.

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