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My 2011 CR-V LX has a wobble at 98-100 km per hour throughout the chassis. Placing your hand anywhere in the car, you will feel the wobble/shaking in the dashboard and arm rest. I balanced all the tires and then replaced them. While it was still within warranty, Honda replaced the bearings, drive shafts, [and] removed the rear propeller shaft in an attempt to isolate the problem and also tried bolting on another set of wheels from a newer CRV. All attempts failed to rectify the wobble. I am tempted to chase this problem again, but I know the cost will run away.-- Frank C

Sounds to me like the car has been diagnosed in the past by process of elimination -- swapping out everything related in hopes that somehow the answer will appear.

Given all the unsuccessful attempts you have detailed, I see only one item left that needs your attention: the automatic transmission.

I suspect that the transmission's locking torque converter is shuddering.

A visit to a reputable transmission shop is recommended. Their diagnosis will require them to drive the vehicle using a compatible diagnostic scan tool. The technician will review anomalies in engine speed and transmission shaft speeds that occur at the same time as the wobble you describe.

If the test results show a problem, then a transmission rebuild will be required.

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