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the list: bad habits

Nobody's perfect on the road. I make the odd mistake, you do too. In fact, eight in 10 Canadian motorists admit to at least one bad driving habit, according to a recent poll.

The other two? Clearly, they're liars.

Hell, looking at the list of transgressions used by Leger Marketing as it surveyed 1,344 Canadian drivers 18 years of age and older for, an online insurance quote comparison web site, I have committed at least six of the 12 driving sins. Not regularly – except for the food part. That happens often. Much less often, I have sped, followed too closely, failed to signal, weaved through traffic and parked illegally.

However, I have never applied makeup behind the wheel. Well, maybe just a touch-up ...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

The Dirty Dozen Bad Habits

1. Consuming food or beverages while driving

39 per cent

2. Speeding

36 per cent

3. Talking/texting on cellphone while driving

18 per cent

4. Following too closely

16 per cent

5. Road rage

11 per cent

6. Failing to signal

10 per cent

7. Weaving in and out of traffic

7 per cent

8. Applying makeup while driving

3 per cent

9. Parking illegally

3 per cent

10. Parking in handicap spaces

2 per cent

11. Driving in the carpool lane

1 per cent

12. Other

3 per cent

None of the above, I am a perfect driver

19 per cent