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The all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt electric car.

GM is following through on a pledge to cut the price of the remodelled 2016 plug-in Volt – in the United States, though not so much in Canada.

In the U.S., the company announced on Sunday that it would trim $1,200 (U.S.) from the 2015 retail price, to $33,995 (U.S.), including freight, for the 2016 version.

On Wednesday, GM announced a Canadian discount of $105 from the 2015 Volt featured on its website Wednesday. The Canadian price is set at $39,990 including freight, versus the present price of $40,095 including freight, A/C tax and $500 owner cash discount.

Adding back the discount, the MSRP on the 2015 Volt is $40,595, and the price cut to the 2016 Volt would be $605, or less than half the discount American customers will be receiving. Converted to the loonie, the U.S. discount will be about $1,465.

Blame the loonie? The difference may perhaps be attributed to currency exchange. At Wednesday's Bank of Canada rate, the Canadian retail price for the 2016 Volt translates to $32,774 (U.S).

At the Detroit auto show in January, Mark Reuss, GM vice-president of global product development, was quoted saying: "The next price of the Volt has to be lower, as we've taken about $10,000 of cost out of it."

A GM Canada spokesman said on Wednesday that the price cut announced in Detroit was intended for the United States exclusively. The base 2016 Volt in Canada is better equipped for cold temperatures with heated seats, steering wheel and outside rear-view mirrors in order to reduce the drain on the full HVAC system.

A lighter battery combined with a two-motor drive unit in the 2016 model is expected to improve efficiency and acceleration. GM estimates a range of 80 km on a single charge for the 2016 Volt, versus about 60 km on the 2015 model. The Volt is rated at 5.7 litres/100 km combined and the gas tank holds 33 litres. The 2016 model will use regular instead of premium gasoline.

Standard equipment also includes location-based charging, a rear-vision camera, LED low-beam headlamps and 10 airbags.

The price-drop is to compete with the Toyota Prius, which is traded-in more than any other car for the Volt, according to GM. The Volt has led sales of plug-ins in Canada for four consecutive years.

Incentives in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia can take up to $7,500 off the cost. Those incentives are not available in other provinces.

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