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Handout photo of Deadmau5.

Canadian house-music producer and performer Deadmau5 put his kitty-branded 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (F1 edition) on Craiglist Monday (listing with photos here while it lasts) for $380,000.

According to the listing, any amount received above the asking price will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society. The car also includes an iPod "full of nyancat songs" and an invitation to film a final Coffee Run YouTube segment in the vehicle if the buyer is in Toronto. Deadmau5 has previously featured celebrities such as Pharrell and Russell Peters.

The brightly coloured custom car, known as his Purrari, has a Nyan Cat themed vinyl wrap and it was Deadmau5's ride at this year's annual Gumball 3000, a British international motor rally.

In April, Deadmau5 invited Toronto Mayor Rob Ford through Twitter to go for a ride in the car. The discussion went as far as Mayor Ford handing over his chief of staff's e-mail address to co-ordinate scheduling. There has been no confirmation of whether the meeting took place.

Deadmau5 chose to use Craigslist after publicly stating on Twitter his frustration with eBay over the inability to use U.S. credit cards with a Canadian account.

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