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Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)MARK BLINCH/Reuters

The Canada Pension Plan fund's investment portfolio has posted a return of 0.5 per cent in the latest quarter, earning $0.8-billion.

That return is for the three-month period up to June 30, a time in which stock markets fell.

"Our performance results for the fiscal first quarter reflect the fund's resilience against continuing uncertainty, poorly performing equity markets and other global economic headwinds," Mark Wiseman, the new CEO of the CPP Investment Board, stated in a press release. Mr. Wiseman recently took over for former CEO David Denison, who has retired.

The fund has invested 34 per cent of its assets in public stocks, 32.7 per cent in fixed income, 16.9 per cent in private equity, 10.7 per cent in real estate and 5.7 per cent in infrastructure.

New CPP contributions of $3.5-billion, along with the $0.8-billion in investment income, brought the fund's net assets up to $165.8-billion at the end of June, from $161.6-billion at the end of March.