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Strategy Lab experts started with a hypothetical $50,000 portfolio on Sept. 13, 2012. They could each hold five to 12 Canadian or U.S. securities and trade as often or as little as they wished.

This is value investor Norman Rothery's model portfolio. Read more about how he chose his investments in his first column.

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CompanyTickerNo. of
American International Group *AIG-N131$60.50 $34.44 $9,779.27 $4,368.17 123.88%2.12%The firm was at the centre of the 2008 meltdown but it is quietly turning around.
Bank of AmericaBAC-N480$25.16 $9.40 $14,901.56 $4,368.52 241.11%1.91%Another near casualty of 2008, the bank has survived and is very cheap. It should do well when the economy gets going again.
Berkshire Hathaway *BRK.B-N51$183.16 $88.56 $11,526.06 $4,372.93 163.58%0%Warren Buffett's collection of high quality stocks. The firm is trading a smidgin above where the master would buy it.
Crimson Wine Group (sold 9/1/16)CWGL-Q19$8.57 $0.00 $213.57 $0.00
Dell (sold 10/31/13) DELL-Q424$13.88 $10.63 $6,136.41 $4,363.79 40.62%2.31%The firm has stumbled on weakness in the PC market, but it is profitable. It is also moving aggressively into services.
Fairfax Financial *FFH-T12C$635.38C$366.59$7,624.56 $4,399.08 73.32%1.93%The Canadian version of Berkshire Hathaway is led by Prem Watsa, a famed value investor.
General MotorsGM-N186$39.10 $23.53 $8,973.66 $4,237.40 111.77%3.89%The government is itching to sell its shares, but the firm is very profitable after restructuring
Leucadia NationalLUK-N192$24.47 $22.90 $5,797.16 $4,256.98 36.18%1.63%A well known investment conglomerate trading at a discount with a solid history of growing its book value.
Old Republic *ORI-N477$19.53 $9.45 $11,494.78 $4,364.31 163.38%3.89%Trading at a fraction of book value, shares of this hard hit insurance company are being snapped up by its CEO.
Cash$27,100.43 $19,632.61
Norman Rothery's total$97,411.05 $50,000.00 94.82%
John Heinzl’s total$87,446.73$50,000.00 74.89%
Andrew Hallam’s total$73,903.52$50,000.00 47.81%
Chris Umiastowski’s total$253,738.11$50,000.00 407.48%

* Also in personal portfolio
**As of close of Sep. 21, 2017
***In Canadian dollars
Dividends received since last update: $111.83.
Gain/loss is calculated by comparing market value (Sep. 21) with book value (which varies according to purchase date).
For U.S. companies, figures are converted to Canadian dollars at exchange rates that vary according to the date of purchase.
As a result, the gain/loss percentage is a calculation that factors in foreign-exchange fluctuations as well as movement in the share price.