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Brent Cook.

Brent Cook is an exploration analyst and geologist with Exploration Insights. His focus is junior mining and exploration stocks and commodities.

Top Picks:

Mariana Resources (MARL-LN)

Dalradian Resources (DNA-TSX)

Mirasol Resource (MRZ-TSX-Ven)

Past Picks: March 4, 2014

Roxgold (ROG-TSX-Ven)

Then: $0.63; Now: $0.58 -7.94%; Total return: -7.94%

Synodon (SYD-TSX-Ven)

Then: $0.25; Now: $0.14 -44.00%; Total return: -44.00%

Mirasol Resources (MRZ-TSX-Ven)

Then: $1.61; Now: $0.99 -38.51%; Total return: -38.51%

Total return average: -30.15%

Market outlook:

The junior mining sector is off 85 per cent from its high in 2011 and continues to battle some very strong negativity from speculators. My take is that in 2015 we will begin to see improvement in the sector, particularly in the higher quality companies that can demonstrate they are technically and fiscally competent. Mineral discoveries have been in decline for nearly 20 years and that trend will continue for as far as I can see into the future. The mining industry is slowly running out of ore. Therefore, intelligent and successful exploration will be increasingly rewarded in the market place. One just needs the patience to stick with a legitimate discovery, and the determination to sell when things go wrong to profit.