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We've introduced a new tool to the Watchlist on Globe Investor. It's called My Shares and it's an easy way to track the value of the stocks and funds that you own.

How do I set it up?

First, you'll need to log in to your Watchlist. If you haven't already registered on, it takes less than a minute and lets you access your list from any computer.

You can view My Shares by selecting it from the viewfinder menu at the top right of your list. A quick way to find it is to look for the binocular icon, which looks like this.

Next, specify the number of shares that you own for a stock or fund by clicking on the "+ Add Shares" link in any of the rows of your Watchlist. Hitting the "Return" key or clicking your cursor anywhere else on the screen will save your changes.

You'll see the total value of your equities and ETFs along with today's dollar and per cent gain or loss for each row. These values are sortable by clicking on the column heading.

The total value of all of the stocks and ETFs in your Watchlist is shown at the top left of your list. This total will be displayed even if you switch to another view using the viewfinder menu.

Foreign-exchange fluctuations can have a big impact on your returns as a Canadian investor. We've automatically converted all of the values in My Shares to Canadian dollars to save you time doing these calculations. Today's value is adjusted using the latest foreign-exchange rate during trading hours and the Bank of Canada close after trading hours.

Similarly, the latest value used to calculate today's gain or loss is adjusted using the latest foreign-exchange rate, while the previous day's value is adjusted using the Bank of Canada close.

As always, we hope that you'll find this a useful feature and that you'll suggest how we can improve it by leaving a comment here. The next set of improvements we are doing is an upgrade to the Build-Your-Own view based on your feedback. We really appreciate your suggestions.

Pierre Javad Product Manager, Digital