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The tiny portable $30,000 (U.S.) house.

The best of the web on money, markets and all things financial, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick.

Take that, expensive housing market
Check out Alek Lisefski's portable $30,000 (U.S.) house. Tiny, but cute and very functional.

Bathroom confidential
Thoughts on the optimum use of an item we all purchase – toilet paper.

What's in your fridge?
Here's a list of the vegetables, from most to least nutritious.

The U.S. government publishes this listing of how long various foods can be safety kept in your refrigerator.

Pension plans are good for all of us
A pension consultant says pensions offer a benefit to the economy by giving retirees spending power. In some Ontario towns, 25 to 38 per cent of total earnings come from pensions of one sort or another.

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