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editor’s note

A man seen from behind is surrounded by question marks.Brian Jackson/Getty Images/iStockphoto

With the March 3 deadline for making a contribution to a registered retirement savings plan approaching fast, you might be one of the many Canadians looking for information to help make your decision.

Well, look no further. The Globe Investor retirement and RRSPs site has been publishing new stories, columns and galleries daily, covering a breadth of RRSP-related topics and featuring interviews with various experts.

Some of the most well-read material from this year includes a story from our tax columnist Tim Cestnick on common RRSP mistakes to avoid, a look at whether Canadians really need $1-million by the time they retire – or if that number is closer to $2.3-million, as well as five considerations for snowbirds looking to buy property in the U.S. – and a gallery of affordable, hot-weather retirement real estate options for those looking to spend part of their golden years south of the border.

We've run stories on what to put inside your RRSP, top mutual fund picks for RRSP investors, and whether you should skip the RRSP contribution entirely and pay off your mortgage instead.

Our Living in Retirement blogger's thoughts on seven things she wished she could tell her 35-year-old self certainly struck a chord with readers, as did her post about the high cost of her car loan.

Looking ahead, our retirement blogger will examine whether she and her partner can afford to sell their downtown condo – and where they could afford to move. We'll have a look at when it makes sense to invest in a TFSA as opposed to an RRSP, a look at RRSP investing by life stages, best mutual fund picks for conservative and growth investors and how to tell whether you have to right planner or are paying too much in fees.

There will be more information for snowbirds, common RRSP misconceptions, and specific advice on how to invest various amounts of RRSP money.

So go ahead and browse through the material that went up last month and come see us again regularly through February as we continue to post new material.

Roma Luciw, Personal Finance editor