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Watchlist: Five reader questions answered

As more and more of our readers use our Watchlist investment-tracking tool, we thought it might be useful to compile some of the more frequently-asked questions and their answers.

If you have a Watchlist-related question that you'd like answered as well, please email us:

Dear Sir/Madam, I love your new Watchlist, however, when I scroll the list to the right it is impossible to see which companies' information I'm looking at. Please move the "Ticker " column to the right of the "news" column, or add an additional "Ticker" column. Sincerely, Gunter Rau.

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Thank you for your kind words on Watchlist. We do have additional ticker columns available that you can insert anywhere you want on your Watchlist so that you never lose sight of which company you're looking at.

Go the Build Your Own view and click the Customize button. You'll see that the view changes and looks something like this:

You can now drag and drop each column and rearrange the columns in the order that you like.

As you scroll to the right, you'll find more columns with the ticker. You can drag and drop them wherever you want so that you can always see the ticker symbol as well as company information.

If you need any help with this (or anything else Watchlist-related), please email us:


Suggestions: Please, allow up to (say) 200 entries per page. Switching pages is not super fast considering web and server(s) delays. This is a big problem on the old-style stocklist. Also, please allow user to select time-frame (duration) on the time chart. For me, 5 days tells me nothing. One year and five year periods are more appropriate for non-traders

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Hello! You'll be pleased to know that you can now add as many as 600 entries to your Watchlist, with up to 200 available in each section. In other words, you can have up to 200 items in the Stocks and ETFs section, 200 more in the Funds section and another 200 in the Currencies, Indexes and Commodities section. These are available to our all our readers who use the Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 browsers.

You can also choose various time frames, such as one month change, year-to-date change, one-year change, three-year return, five-year return and 10-year return. These are available under our Per Cent Performance view. This video tells you more about it:

Enjoy your Watchlist!


Hi There : i have recently switched to your site, find it very comprehensive and easy to use. if i may suggest one improvement i would like to see a feature that would enable tracking of an investment from purchase price. i enjoyed this feature on another site i used before but your site has so much more information i have switched.

Appreciate all you do…

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Hi there, and thank you for your suggestion. If you set the view on your Watchlist to My Shares, it lets you add the number of shares you have bought.

You can read more about it here: . Enjoy your Watchlist!


I love the watch list and I hope to see a future upgrade where you can sub categorize the watch list. What I mean is if I have a category called, "safe dividend stocks," I can add stocks under sub categories, such as a sub category called "retail." or "financial" etc and then add tickers to that.

Thank you for your suggestion. You can build three different Watchlists, each one with a different name: E.g., Safe Dividend Stocks, Retail, and Financial. All you have to do is click the Create New Watchlist button. Then, give each list a name and fill it with stocks as you go along.


Comments : A technical problem in the form of an omission that could be rectified: please include ENTERPRISE VALUE or NET DEBT in the statistics for display on the watchlists. Thanks.

Thank you for your suggestion. We've passed it along to our software developers, who say they are currently working toward providing the data. You can expect to see it early next year.

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