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The table below ranks all S&P/TSX companies by indicated dividend yield, according to Bloomberg data.

Yield-paying index stocks where no credit rating is available from either Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s are excluded from the table. It is intended as a starting point for further research.

We hope the data provided are helpful and credible, but recognize they are not sufficient grounds for actual market transactions on their own.

Investors should verify the data provided and investigate all cases where “N/As” appear in the table before making buy and sell decisions.

As for methodology, we are relying heavily on long-term credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. Credit rating, payout ratio and trailing price-to-earnings ratios are included so that investors can begin to assess the sustainability of current dividend income and the potential for dividend growth over time.

Data as of Thursday close

Indicated Dividend Yield5Y Dividend Growth1Y Dividend Growth1Y Total ReturnS&P LT Credit RatingMoody's LT Credit RatingPayout RatioPE Ratio
CJR/B CT EquityCORUS ENTERTAINMENT INC-B SH10.00-26.770.00-52.44BBN/AN/A4.77
AQN CT EquityALGONQUIN POWER & UTILITIES9.448.8210.75-38.96BBBN/A165.3410.11
SPB CT EquitySUPERIOR PLUS CORP7.100.000.00-23.57BB-N/AN/A98.71
AP-U CT EquityALLIED PROPERTIES REAL ESTAT6.502.662.92-36.06N/ABaa248.8628.91
KEY CT EquityKEYERA CORP6.423.170.008.06BBB-N/A130.8912.73
ENB CT EquityENBRIDGE INC6.207.352.9916.66BBB+Baa1116.1818.84
GWO CT EquityGREAT-WEST LIFECO INC6.096.2611.87-10.69A+N/A53.581.46
POW CT EquityPOWER CORP OF CANADA5.887.3810.61-16.12A+N/A42.6314.10
BNS CT EquityBANK OF NOVA SCOTIA5.805.8912.78-10.84A+N/A46.548.37
IGM CT EquityIGM FINANCIAL INC5.780.000.00-17.01AN/A54.8910.25
BCE CT EquityBCE INC5.765.105.133.42BBB+Baa2117.0918.76
CAS CT EquityCASCADES INC5.7224.5720.00-38.70BB-Ba2N/A76.63
CRT-U CT EquityCT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TR5.534.044.03-6.75BBBN/A91.6228.73
TCL/A CT EquityTRANSCONTINENTAL INC-CL A5.522.770.00-10.93BBB-N/A59.9511.79
TRP CT EquityTC ENERGY CORP5.527.914.3911.80BBB+Baa2187.8214.94
MFC CT EquityMANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP5.5110.8122.323.04AN/A32.982.71
PPL CT EquityPEMBINA PIPELINE CORP5.504.710.8927.29BBBN/A126.2313.15
LB CT EquityLAURENTIAN BANK OF CANADA5.37-6.2711.25-10.34BBBN/A154.916.92
EMA CT EquityEMERA INC5.354.663.98-8.81BBBBaa3128.8212.82
CPX CT EquityCAPITAL POWER CORP5.176.966.5918.21BBB-N/A505.5214.04
CM CT EquityCAN IMPERIAL BK OF COMMERCE5.135.1811.99-9.17A+N/A41.818.89
CHP-U CT EquityCHOICE PROPERTIES REIT5.130.410.001.23BBBN/A2325.657.61
RUS CT EquityRUSSEL METALS INC5.120.000.00-10.98BB+Ba122.074.51
CIX CT EquityCI FINANCIAL CORP5.01-12.390.00-50.41BBB-Baa235.786.07
CU CT EquityCANADIAN UTILITIES LTD-A4.864.441.008.19BBB+N/A144.7312.99
T CT EquityTELUS CORP4.856.496.152.07BBBBaa1103.3721.37
REI-U CT EquityRIOCAN REAL ESTATE INVST TR4.77-6.55-3.37-2.23BBBN/A50.8315.89
ALA CT EquityALTAGAS LTD4.70-12.846.04-8.19BBB-N/A122.1744.65
SLF CT EquitySUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC4.6510.0519.48-7.14A+N/A34.4110.99
CTC/A CT EquityCANADIAN TIRE CORP-CLASS A4.5917.6124.47-10.60BBBN/A26.678.68
SU CT EquitySUNCOR ENERGY INC4.357.33111.9046.97BBBBaa137.966.90
ACO/X CT EquityATCO LTD -CLASS I4.317.662.996.63BBB+N/A83.2211.75
CNQ CT EquityCANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES4.2332.18136.3854.18BBB-Baa130.797.85
FTS CT EquityFORTIS INC4.235.955.85-1.07A-Baa379.8519.92
BMO CT EquityBANK OF MONTREAL4.208.8528.30-2.12A+N/A36.569.80
CCA CT EquityCOGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC4.1910.3710.13-24.21BB+N/A30.807.71
TD CT EquityTORONTO-DOMINION BANK3.918.6612.66-1.56AA-N/A40.8611.18
GRT-U CT EquityGRANITE REAL ESTATE INVESTME3.893.603.32-18.69N/A(P)Baa214.7119.78
BIP-U CT EquityBROOKFIELD INFRASTRUCTURE PA3.804.217.978.55BBB+N/A108.86220.55
RY CT EquityROYAL BANK OF CANADA3.807.3414.815.48AA-N/A39.0212.26
NA CT EquityNATIONAL BANK OF CANADA3.729.4426.06-1.01AN/A31.3610.12
IAG CT EquityIA FINANCIAL CORP INC3.6512.7025.005.95AN/A26.993.06
ABX CT EquityBARRICK GOLD CORP3.6445.5217.43-6.66BBB+Baa132.5518.24
RCI/B CT EquityROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC-B3.330.820.004.10BBB+ *-Baa1 *-64.8316.38
OTEX CT EquityOPEN TEXT CORP3.2612.2312.40-35.72BB+Ba260.3637.79
QSR CT EquityRESTAURANT BRANDS INTERN3.2423.464.5323.04BBN/A78.4224.60
AEM CT EquityAGNICO EAGLE MINES LTD3.1630.4412.576.50NRBaa262.6130.50
H CT EquityHYDRO ONE LTD3.084.895.0021.08A-N/A65.1821.09
GSY CT EquityGOEASY LTD2.9738.5139.51-32.95BB-Ba324.9012.72
MG CT EquityMAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC2.9410.218.49-19.98A-A333.9512.92
FTT CT EquityFINNING INTERNATIONAL INC2.914.608.49-3.63BBB+N/A38.9410.97
K CT EquityKINROSS GOLD CORP2.80N/A1.87-25.16BBB-Baa30.0024.68
NTR CT EquityNUTRIEN LTD2.35N/A6.4925.42BBBBaa233.246.18
IMO CT EquityIMPERIAL OIL LTD2.3015.7831.6375.54AA-N/A29.418.14
YRI CT EquityYAMANA GOLD INC2.2442.7413.1342.70BBB-Baa371.0519.81
EFN CT EquityELEMENT FLEET MANAGEMENT COR2.114.4019.2349.58BBBN/A35.2120.84
SAP CT EquitySAPUTO INC2.093.372.1317.44N/ABaa1109.0127.75
IFC CT EquityINTACT FINANCIAL CORP2.059.3617.7721.20N/ABaa127.4214.29
RBA CT EquityRITCHIE BROS AUCTIONEERS2.008.4614.45-17.17BB+Ba2 *-70.4632.23
TA CT EquityTRANSALTA CORP1.754.5612.68-3.08BB+Ba1N/A38.73
MX CT EquityMETHANEX CORP1.74-13.16147.32-2.92BBBa15.116.28
CNR CT EquityCANADIAN NATL RAILWAY CO1.7311.7716.224.07AA235.6323.91
FFH CT EquityFAIRFAX FINANCIAL HLDGS LTD1.64-0.88-1.3032.97BBBBaa37.7320.58
CVE CT EquityCENOVUS ENERGY INC1.5614.52650.4865.95BBB-Baa229.9810.13
TRI CT EquityTHOMSON REUTERS CORP1.533.0213.872.22BBBBaa214.0676.83
CCL/B CT EquityCCL INDUSTRIES INC - CL B1.5015.8814.810.54BBBBaa225.2018.71
WFG CT EquityWEST FRASER TIMBER CO LTD1.4633.5951.282.02BBB-Baa32.883.50
MRU CT EquityMETRO INC/CN1.4211.1010.0025.43BBBN/A31.1921.17
L CT EquityLOBLAW COMPANIES LTD1.387.7612.4121.91BBBN/A25.3418.67
BAM/A CT EquityBROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGE-CL A1.217.9610.21-17.13A-Baa122.6971.50
TECK/B CT EquityTECK RESOURCES LTD-CLS B1.1035.84362.5036.87BBB-Baa33.714.67
FM CT EquityFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD1.0375.18N/A9.57B+N/A0.8312.39
WCN CT EquityWASTE CONNECTIONS INC0.7113.3016.2310.01BBB+Baa235.6342.75
CP CT EquityCANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY LTD0.7112.330.0014.34BBB+N/A18.1129.87
CCO CT EquityCAMECO CORP0.37-27.520.001.22BBB-N/AN/A111.83
SNC CT EquitySNC-LAVALIN GROUP INC0.32-40.710.00-24.92BB+N/A14.0234.87
DOL CT EquityDOLLARAMA INC0.288.579.2540.32BBBN/A9.1632.23
HBM CT EquityHUDBAY MINERALS INC0.270.000.00-17.93BB1N/A8.51


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