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Johanna Altman Shares Her Holistic Health Journey and Business Insights in Inspirery Interview

GetNews - Mon Jan 29, 12:10PM CST

In a revealing interview with Inspirery, Johanna Altman, the founder of One Body Medicine, shared her journey and insights in the world of holistic health and integrative medicine. Altman discussed her motivation for starting in holistic health, driven by the limitations of traditional medicine in treating the whole person and her passion for natural healing methods. A key motivation for establishing One Body Medicine was experiencing sick family members fighting cancer who could not afford vital regenerative/integrative therapies due to their high costs and lack of insurance coverage. One of Altman's missions with her clinic is to make these therapies more affordable, believing that good health should be accessible to all, not just the wealthy.

One Body Medicine, under Altman's leadership, has seen profitability within two years, thanks to her commitment to personalized care and a diverse revenue stream, including treatment sessions and educational workshops. Altman candidly spoke about overcoming initial doubts, drawing strength from patient success stories and continuous feedback to improve services.

Her first customer was a referral from a wellness community, highlighting the power of networking and community involvement. Altman also shared effective marketing strategies, like digital content creation, that have significantly contributed to her business growth. She discussed the challenges and decisions faced during the pandemic and how they were addressed.

Altman attributes her success to continuous learning and a deep commitment to patient care. Her most satisfying moments come from witnessing patients regain health and quality of life. Looking ahead, she is excited about introducing more innovative therapies and integrating technological advancements into holistic treatments.

The interview also delved into the business books that have inspired Altman, including "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, and the advice she would give to her younger self. Emphasizing her willingness to mentor, Altman encourages those interested in integrative and holistic medicine to reach out through One Body Medicine’s website or LinkedIn.

About Johanna Altman

Johanna Altman, founder of One Body Medicine, is renowned for her innovative approach in the holistic health realm. Her focus on patient-centric philosophy and making integrative therapies more accessible has earned her a reputation as a leader in integrative medicine.

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