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Rene Schroeder’s “Lost in the Ocean of Agility” Now Sets Sail in Five Languages and Audiobook Formats, Featuring a Foreword by Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez

Plentisoft - Fri Feb 16, 8:56PM CST

Rene Schroeder's transformative book, "Lost in the Ocean of Agility" renowned for its insightful take on Agile Transformation Strategies, is now reaching a wider audience with its release in five languages - English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Additionally, the book is available in audiobook format in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

This expansion ensures that Rene Schroeder's pivotal work on Navigating Organizational Agility and Overcoming Common Agility Pitfalls is accessible to a global readership.

A notable highlight of "Lost in the Ocean of Agility" is the foreword by Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez, Global Head of Value Creation at KPMG International. Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez, a leader in global advisory services, brings his extensive experience and deep understanding of today’s business challenges to the foreword, offering readers an invaluable perspective on the book's relevance in the modern business landscape.

"Lost in the Ocean of Agility" is more than a mere business book; it's a lifeline for navigating organizational agility. This compelling work delves into overcoming common agility pitfalls and equips leaders with strategies for dynamic business adaptation. Rene Schroeder's expertise shines through in every chapter, offering agile leadership insights essential for thriving in uncertain markets.

The book stands out for its unique narrative style, employing maritime metaphors to simplify complex concepts. This innovative approach brings to life the real-life agility challenges faced by organizations, making it a relatable and engaging read.

Why "Lost in the Ocean of Agility" is a Must-Read:

  • Agile Transformation Strategies: The book offers a deep dive into the strategies that are essential for a successful agile transformation.
  • Overcoming Common Agility Pitfalls: Rene Schroeder addresses the typical challenges and obstacles organizations face on their agile journey, offering practical solutions.
  • Dynamic Business Adaptation: With the business landscape constantly evolving, the book provides insights on how to adapt swiftly and effectively.
  • Agile Leadership Insights: Leaders will find invaluable insights on guiding their teams through agile transformation.
  • Thriving in Uncertain Markets: The book equips readers with the knowledge to succeed in fluctuating market conditions.
  • Real-Life Agility Challenges: Rene Schroeder uses real-world examples to illustrate the principles of agile business, making the book highly practical and applicable.

About the Author:

Rene Schroeder is a master of change, integrating agility into the core of organizations. With over two decades of experience, he has emerged as a leading figure in agile consulting. His pragmatic approach and tailored strategies for various industries have transformed numerous business challenges into success stories..

Foreword by Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez:

Javier Rodriguez’s foreword sets the stage for the book, emphasizing its practicality and the crucial role of agile methodologies in modern business. His endorsement underscores the book's significance as a guide for leaders and organizations embarking on the agile transformation journey.


"Lost in the Ocean of Agility" is available for purchase online and in bookstores. The audiobook versions provide an alternative for those who prefer listening to reading.

For More Information:

Visit them for more details about "Lost in the Ocean of Agility." Review copies, interviews with Rene Schroeder, and additional press materials are available upon request.

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