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With Gaggenau’s expert appliances, even professional chefs would love this kitchen designed for a home chef


The chic aesthetics of Gaggenau appliances allowed
this designer to turn a kitchen into a showpiece

Kitchens are a speciality for Vancouver-based designer Karin Bohn. From Hawaii and Hong Kong to Finland and Malta, Bohn has helped revive failing restaurants for the Netflix series Restaurants on the Edge by reconnecting their spaces to the local culture and landscape.

“Sourcing materials and furniture unique to those locations forced me to think beyond familiar traditions and styles,” says the interior designer and creative director of her eponymous firm House of Bohn.

“Seeing different choices opened my eyes to fresh possibilities. That’s something I carry with me now – it’s an arsenal in my tool belt that I can apply to any project.”
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She’s transferred these skills to residential projects, where aesthetics and craftsmanship matter as much as technical capabilities. Bohn often relies on high-performance Gaggenau appliances to cleverly cater both to her clients’ love of cooking and their homes’ luxury design.

Bohn was particularly excited to seamlessly integrate Gaggenau into a recent home project for her client’s holiday home in Caledon, Ont. Situated on 100 secluded acres in the Caledon forest, the home has a continuous open-plan layout featuring walls of windows that permit panoramic views of the property’s lush landscape blurs the lines between indoors and out that inspired a green colour scheme.

Gaggenau’s reputation as a market leader in performance, innovation and craftsmanship is well earned. With a history that dates back to 1683, the company has revolutionized what is possible in a residential kitchen, when design and functionality are of equal importance.

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Given the sleek aesthetics and ability to customize details of each appliance without compromising on functionality, Bohn selected Gaggenau’s Vario 400 series five-burner, gas cooktop combined with the 200 series Teppan Yaki and integrated knobs to complement the larger aesthetic vision. “Gaggenau’s built-in knobs showcase the beautiful finishes of the kitchen while fashionably integrating the appliance,” says Bohn. The appliances, hand-assembled in Europe, allow her clients to make use of professional-grade technology in the kitchen without compromising on design.

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A convenient pot filler and restaurant-style faucet, as well as Gaggenau’s 400 series wall oven and 400 series 24-inch drawer microwave, are the only other appliances visible in this kitchen, which exudes quiet luxury. Gaggenau’s 400 series 36-inch refrigerator column and 200 series dishwasher are all discreetly panelled to blend into the kitchen’s slim shaker-style cabinet fronts, which are opened via weighty copper pulls that will oxidize to a green patina.

“I love the surprise and sense of quality of the stainless-steel interiors when you open the fridge and freezer doors,” says Bohn. “This being a multi-million-dollar home, quality was of the utmost importance to my clients. The appliances are quiet statement pieces that don’t dominate or take over the space.”

“The kitchen’s contemporary lines needed to be complemented with equally contemporary, functional, and yet timeless appliances. Gaggenau was my first choice,” she says.”

Also hiding behind the millwork is the kitchen’s secret pantry, which is used for prep, storage, baking, broiling, braising, gratinating, sous-vide cooking and just about anything else. The homeowners love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. For them, everything is on the menu from carnivore delights to crafting vegan dishes, so having appliances that are versatile and allow for all types of cooking was paramount. The pantry holds a Gaggenau 400 series 36-inch freezer column and a Gaggenau 400 series steam convection wall oven.

In this home, “the kitchen functions as a visual showpiece,” Bohn says, so keeping it pristine was a top priority. In 1999, Gaggenau was the first brand to introduce combi-steam ovens into private kitchens and the latest models offer perfect cooking results without restrictions. Not only is the newly introduced multicore temperature probe accurate within one degree, there is a fully automatic cleaning system that ensures the ovens stay looking spotless and new.

As the design process progressed, the homeowners put more and more trust into Bohn – so much so that when the kitchen was finished, the clients got their first look at it much like on Bohn’s Netflix show where they first spotted her work: with a big surprise reveal. “It was a bit nerve-wracking,” admits the designer. “Luckily, they loved it.”

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