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Like most Canadians, Sasha Exeter has spent her life searching for the cure for winter skin.

The winter moisturizer Sasha Exeter swears by

David Pike

Like most Canadians, Sasha Exeter has spent her life searching for the cure for winter skin.

You know the feeling: When your skin is so dry and weather-battered that it feels like nothing could possibly soothe the ravages of the season on your face.

Until, that is, Exeter found “a holy grail” solution: Caudalie’s The Rich Cream, the latest addition to their cult-favourite Premier Cru line.

“I knew from the moment I opened the jar that it was going to deliver exactly what my skin needs,” the content creator and entrepreneur says.

“My skin changed dramatically two years ago, when I turned 40, but with The Rich Cream, I quickly saw an improvement in texture, firmness and hyperpigmentation,” Exeter continues.

“It’s been more radiant and smooth, and there’s been a noticeable change in the dark spots left behind after the occasion hormonal acne. Most importantly, my usually dry skin now always feels hydrated.”

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Dani Reynolds

The miracle technology behind this gamechanger? TET8 technology, which was developed in association with Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University.

Longevity expert Sinclair and his team of researchers found that lifestyle factors and environmental aggressors like sun, pollution, cold and dry air “turn off” our tet enzymes, which are responsible for promoting the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – which keep our skin looking youthful.

To combat this, they developed TET8, which reactivates the tet enzymes, bringing back that plumpness and tautness we took for granted in our youth.

“Basically, the switch goes back on,” says Liz Kwitman, vice president of education at Caudalie. “I’m now producing more collagen and more elastin, and we know that’s what gives me the snap. But if a balloon is deflated, the snap and the tightness is not so cute, so I need volume as well, and TET8 also stimulates your hyaluronic acid, which pumps up the volume like air into a deflated balloon.”

In addition to its anti-aging prowess, The Rich Cream has another job: skin-barrier repair. Those aforementioned aggressors and, yes, the passage of time all lead to the breakdown of the skin’s natural protection, and the result is dehydration, wrinkles and reactivity.

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Dani Reynolds

“Think of your skin barrier as the security guard of your skin,” says Kwitman. “It’s protecting all the moisture inside of your skin, and it’s protecting your skin from all the bad pollutants that are outside.”

What keeps that barrier strong is ceramides – protective fatty acids – but by age of 40, around 60 per cent of them are gone.

“You desperately need ceramides, probably more than you need retinol,” says Kwitman. That’s why The Rich Cream contains bio-ceramides, which is the key difference between it and the original Premier Cru Cream.

“Bio-ceramides are clinically proven to repair your skin barrier and lock in moisture. So if you’re suffering from dry, tight, sensitized skin, or if you’ve overdone it with the retinols or the AHAs, this is the product for you.”

The Rich Cream is suitable for both day and night and does its best work in combination with the Premier Cru serum and eye cream.

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“Once you’ve tried any of Caudalie’s Premier Cru line, it’s almost impossible to not have all three in your skincare routine,” says Exeter. “I use the serum and eye cream twice a day along with The Rich Cream, which has a luxurious and rich texture while also being surprisingly light. And the scent! It has a subtle rosy fragrance that is reminiscent of spa skincare.”

When it comes to the various things we look for in a moisturizer – efficacy, naturalness, sustainability – there’s no compromise with The Rich Cream. Like the rest of the Premier Cru line, it doesn’t contain any red-flag additives like parabens, silicones and phthalates, it’s vegan and the packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

“With Caudalie, you get the highest level of efficacy and sustainability,” says Kwitman. “The products in the Premier Cru collection are 97 per cent or more natural, and The Cream and The Rich Cream are refillable and come in recyclable glass and plastic.”

This dedication to clean, sustainable skincare resonates with Exeter. “I fell in love with Caudalie products nearly a decade ago, but that love grew after learning about the company’s strong family foundation, its unwavering commitment to a greener planet and founder Mathilde Thomas’s passion for creating products that are both natural and luxurious,” she says.

“She is always finding ways to enhance the efficacy of the products while also ensuring that they’re designed to be recycled, recyclable and refillable.”

Sasha Exeter’s winter-comfort essentials

  1. “Anyone who knows me knows that there are always candles burning throughout my condo. My favourites right now are from Le Labo and Jo Malone, and I especially love One Wednesday’s Hideaway Candle.”

  2. “I can’t live without my UGG Scuffette slippers during the winter – they are the ultimate in warmth and cozy vibes. My feet are always in them.”

  3. “I’m a huge tea drinker, so I always have various blends in my pantry, from cream of Earl Grey to ginger to roobios and various green-tea blends.”

  4. “I love my diffuser and use it with a rotation of Saje essential-oil blends. It’s such a big thing around here – even my five-year-old daughter, Maxwell, is into it and enjoys choosing scents to help uplift our mood or relax us.”

  5. “I am a skincare girlie through and through. Because winters aren’t so kind to my 42-year-old skin, I simply can’t live without a good hydrating moisturizer, so there’s no way I couldn’t add Caudalie’s The Rich Cream to this list.”

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