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HAROLD is inspired by you, and crafted by Harry Rosen

This customizable menswear collection wants to change the way you feel about your clothes

If you think being back in the swing of things means a return to the same old style habits, it’s time to meet HAROLD.

As the recently launched in-house clothing line from iconic Canadian retailer Harry Rosen, consider the name your new go-to for menswear that stands the test of time yet is undeniably of the moment.

The last two years have brought major shifts to dress code trends in corporate and special occasion settings. But even more relevant is that customers are craving distinctive custom touches that lend personality to their everyday items, too.

“Men’s sartorial needs have changed, so we’re redefining what is typically expected from custom-made clothing,” says the brand’s president and chief operating officer, Ian Rosen.

Rosen explains that the collection speaks to this desire to customize across HAROLD’s array of ready-to-wear options as well as its custom offerings. “HAROLD gives men access to an extensive amount of customization options,” he says of the line’s fashion-forward, hands-on approach. “Not just for professional suits, but also with track suits, trench coats, overshirts, polos and more.”

The result is a collaborative experience between shoppers and Harry Rosen’s in-house Clothing Advisors. Adam Percival, national sales leader at the almost 70-year-old retailer, is visibly enthusiastic when describing the ways in which the brand’s customers, long-time and new, can flex their fashion sense.

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From deconstructed suiting to polos and tracksuits, HAROLD includes a selection of wardrobe staples in a wide range of colours and materials.SUPPLIED

“It’s your individual work of art,” he says of the pieces produced with HAROLD’s styles and service.

The collaborative journey starts in the in-store collection showroom where visitors can explore possible influences, from contemporary trends, particular eras or other more personal elements.

“You can take inspiration from so many different things,” Percival says. “You may like the large lapel of a brand like Tom Ford, but maybe there are other elements that you wish were there. You can ultimately craft your own style. It’s no longer about a cookie-cutter, singular point of view – you can come out defining a completely new way of dressing for yourself.”

Take the collection’s Deconstructed Suit, for example. “It’s a really easy wearing suit,” Percival says, describing its soft Neapolitan shoulder detail and lack of a lining. “It looks just as well finished as any other suit but to wear it, it’s a totally different experience.” And swapping just one piece, or opting for a different fabric, can adapt a look for all sorts of occasions.

“Let’s say I go on a plane for a business trip, and I wear the Sartorial Track Suit jacket with the dress pant from the suit. When I take the track jacket off and don the suit jacket, I’m ready for my meeting after landing.”

In addition to choosing between luxe fabrics from prestigious mills including Zegna and Loro Piana (offered in a spectrum of colours from neutral to eye-catching), customers can select their own stitch colours, monogramming, collar types and other differentiating details. And since your measurements are kept on file for re-ordering, the process is akin to having a personal tailor on-hand, all at an approachable price point.

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Customizable down to the smallest details, HAROLD offers Harry Rosen's customers a new way of expressing themselves.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of HAROLD’s customization features is the ability to upload images to be used as a print for a garment’s lining. From photos of family pets to club crests, the potential for personalization is boundless.

“Culture is at the core of fashion, and HAROLD allows anyone to infuse individuality into their wardrobe,” says Rosen. “We want to empower people to use inspiration from their own lives to build outfits and looks that celebrate their culture, traditions and heritage.”

When making his own suit from the new collection, Rosen chose to honour his fabled family name by incorporating a unique lining into the look. Its print is an assemblage of photos of old newspaper clippings about the opening of his grandfather’s first store location, mixed with vintage magazine ads. The imagery speaks to Harry Rosen’s legacy as a purveyor of luxury menswear, while the custom work reinforces that HAROLD is the savvy next step in the brand’s history.

“Harry Rosen started in 1954 as a custom clothier. It’s always been in our brand’s DNA,” Ian Rosen says. “Over the years we’ve continuously evolved to help our customers’ changing needs and helped brands bring their custom offerings to Canada. Today, we start our own.”

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