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Celebrity Photos of the Week: Campaign and suffering

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Hey, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix after-race concert on Saturday: 1993 called and it wants its wardrobe back. Also its sound. And 1976 wants its guitar. 2003 says you can keep the hair, but 2012 says it would like it if you went straight to 2055 and retired.


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Second worst election sign ever.


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Worst election sign ever.


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Mitt Romney campaigns for “JOBS” in Wisconsin last week. But let’s zoom in and see what he really stands for.


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That’s more like it.


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I shouldn’t do this. It’s not fair to edit a politician’s message in order to deliberately distort what he’s really saying.


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I really feel bad about this! Politicians and their advisers might catch on to this “negative advertising,” for lack of a better term, and start doing it to each other, and that would debase democracy and harm the American conversation.


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A goat named Izak takes part in the American conversation in New Hampshire last week.


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Pop singer Katy Perry takes part in the American conversation in Milwaukee last week.

Scott Bauer

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Bill Clinton has a conversation with himself about making American babies in New Hampshire last week.


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Actress Kristen Stewart unexpectedly fails to smile on the red carpet at a Hollywood screening of her movie "On The Road" in Los Angeles last week.


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Later on, she smiled, but that just made her clench her fists and want to punch someone. I’m starting to like her.


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Britney Spears smiles AND chews gum at a party for the television series "The X Factor" in Los Angeles on Monday.


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Meanwhile back on the election trail in Des Moines, Iowa, on Monday, Barack Obama gets to hug Bruce Springsteen...


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Then First Lady Michelle Obama gets to hug Bruce Springsteen...


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And then Joe Biden gets to deliver pizza. Delicious pizza!


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Looks like this is the only bomb Mitt Romney will ever get to launch, people. Congratulations, America.


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I'm Barack Obama and I approved of that joke.


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