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Celebrity Photos of the Week: When Kidman Met Cannes!

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Welcome to Cannes! The annual film festival that still manages to merge Hollywood sleaze with dank Europo-louche each spring – and if you can’t find a ticket, you're forced to scrounge, mes petites baguettes


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And you want star power? This year’s Cannes fest kicked off Wednesday with the film Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth. Say hello to my little friend!

Alastair Grant/AP

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Shrewdly, Mr. Roth diverted paparazzi away from the size difference between him and his colossal co-star by finding the only other person in Cannes shorter than him: Grace of Monaco director Olivier Dahan

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

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‘Be careful, mon ami,’ cautioned Dahan. ‘I think she’s getting angry...’

Thibault Camus/AP

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Grrr. Hulk smash!


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Adding glamour to the proceedings was the French actress Audrey Tautou, as gamine as she ever was. Oh, Amélie!

Alastair Grant/AP

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Not to be outdone, Jane Fonda happily showed off the results of four decades of aerobic classes. She’s 76!

Alastair Grant/AP

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Here we see Cannes jury member Sofia Coppola demonstrating the same beleaguered artiste expression perfected by her father Francis Coppola

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

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And here we have Blake Lively, who does not appear in Grace of Monaco but still had the photogs all over her on the red carpet. The French apparently attached deep meaning to Gossip Girl

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

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Now off to New York, where uber-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie put the sizzle into the premiere of a movie called The Normal Heart. They’re simply gorgeous, but wait, what’s that shmutz on the side of Angelina’s face?


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Hey, when you’re raising three-dozen or so kids, you’re bound to get a little talcum powder on your face now and then


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Normal Heart star Matt Bomer overreacts wildly to the sight of Angelina Jolie with talc on her face


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Impressively, Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch managed to keep their composure at the sight of an imperfect Angelina. Bazinga!

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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Next stop: Singapore, where Hugh Jackman and Fan Bingbing had the fans howling at the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past


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All except this guy. The Wolverine does not howl. The Wolverine broods


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At the same event, X-Men star Peter Dinklage obliged a fan by taking a selfie, but looked like he’d rather be on trial for killing the King of Westeros (that’s a Game of Thrones reference for all the nerds out there)


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‘That’s not how you take a selfie, mate,’ said the always way-too-accomodating Hugh Jackman. ‘You gotta look happy, even with a band-aid on your beak’

Ng Han Guan/AP

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Right around the same time, the X-Men movie had a second British premiere in London, which was attended by Wesley Snipes. Mr. Snipes does not appear in the new X-Men movie and really has no connection to the franchise, but wasn’t he just terrific as Blade?


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Also at the London X-Men premiere was franchise star Patrick Stewart and his third wife Suze Odell. Marry a woman 38 years your junior? Make it so!

Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

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Naturally, Captain Picard found time to pose with his X-Men co-star and good pal Ian McKellen, who officiated at Stewart’s wedding ceremony last fall. Seriously. He really is just like Gandalf!

Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

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But in the X-Men universe, McKellen is the arch-villain Magneto, who possesses fearsome magnetic powers and the ability to move large inanimate objects with the wave of his hand, which he demonstrated on the red carpet


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‘Yes, master.. Must see new X-Men movie over and over and buy full set of X-Men action figures...’

Ian West/AP

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