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What Justin Bieber was doing an hour before surrendering to Toronto police

Say what you will about Justin Bieber, but the kid knows how to keep pushing the product.

Roughly one hour before Bieber surrendered himself to a Toronto police station amid a throng of reporters and fans, the Canadian pop star uploaded an introduction to his latest music video, titled Confident, to Instagram.

In it, Bieber wears a camouflage sweater and appears nonplussed by his legal wrangling. "Confident is out, right now on VEVO and YouTube and everywhere else," he says. "So go get it, go look at it and go comment."

Released today, Confident was directed by Colin Tilley and opens on an empty gas station bathed in ethereal blue light. Justin is shown standing beside a parked car when his attention is drawn to a woman in tight leggings and bare midriff. Our boy is hooked.

With nary a word said, Justin drops his backpack and starts following the music-video siren. The women walks into a convenience store and Bieber follows her in.

Bieber repeats the lyric "Don't do it to me," as the object of his affection pays him no attention. The lyrics also feature the Bieber refrain, "Like a fantasy, I think that something special's going down…"

The point of the song appears to be that Bieber is smitten by the girl's confident manner. "She's got my attention, she's confident," he sings.

During the song's now-requisite midway break, the music pauses and the woman is shown a bag of chips at the cashier. The camera crudely focuses on her derriere, thereby confirming Bieber's point of view.

"What's up, how you doing," asks Bieber as he sidles over to the woman. She giggles in response, "I'm good."

Bieber replies: "I'm Justin. I saw you walking by." She replies simply by saying, "Lynn."

Ever the wag, Bieber notices that the brand of chips being purchased is called Takis. "I'd like to 'taki' to you on the phone," he says to the woman.

Her response: "I think you're going to need to try harder than that." And then she walks away.

In a seeming homage to John Woo, the camera follows the woman down an alleyway and a flock of pigeons fly out of her way. Bieber follows in pursuit, with a team of dancers close behind. The chase appears to end once the woman climbs on her motorbike.

The tableau shifts to a nightclub, where Bieber delivers the lyrics, "She said it's her first time, think she might have lied. It feels so good, I'm addicted."

The song then features an appearance by Chance the Rapper, who rattles off the lyrics, "Tattoos, piercings and she just learned to twerk." (Does Miley Cyrus get royalties for this?)

Back to the main story, Bieber spots the same woman across the dance floor and slowly makes his way toward her. He spins the woman around, and by this point she's smiling. Then, the big kiss.

"Can I have your number now?" asks the alpha pop star.

The woman, by now slightly less confident and apparently mesmerized by Bieber, nods her acquiescence, "Yeah."

And that's how Bieber rolls, baby.

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