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13 works of architecture designed just for dogs

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Kenya Hara, the art director of Japanese retailer Muji, is behind Architecture for Dogs, which has solicited works from high-end designers and architects around the world meant for man’s best friend. They include Japan’s Hiroshi Naito, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, and Munich-based Konstantin Grcic, winner of Design Miami’s designer of the year award in 2010. Here are 13 of their creations, designed to bridge the gap between architecture created for humans and what works better for Fido. Shown here is architect Haruka Misawa’s creation for the terrier.

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Konstantin Grcic for the toy poodle

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Sou Fujimoto for the Boston terrier

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Kazuyo Sejima for the bichon frise

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Kengo Kuma for the pug

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Shigeru Ban for the papillon

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Hiroshi Naito for the spitz

Hiroshi Yoda

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Torafu Architects for the Jack Russell terrier

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architect Toyo Ito for the shiba

Hiroshi Yoda

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Designer Kenya Hara for the teacup poodle

Hiroshi Yoda

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Architects Atelier Bow-Wow for the dachshund

Hiroshi Yoda

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MVRDV for the beagle

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Architect Reiser and Umemoto for the chihuahua

Hiroshi Yoda

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