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Give rooms a dash of North African flair with a Moroccan pouf

Despite its fanciful moniker, a Moroccan pouf is highly practical, serving as footrest, stool and extra surface space in one whimsical package

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Jonathan Adler?s brightly hued, hand-dyed leather poufs are filled with a combination of kapok (a silky natural plant fibre) and sturdy Dacron foam. $275 (U.S.) through

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Hand-dyed and -stitched in Morocco, John Derian?s leather poufs are available in a rainbow of colours, from electric blue to metallic gold. $295 (U.S.) through

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Individually handcrafted by Moroccan artisans and filled with a dense cotton batting, each of The Cross Design?s poufs is unique, featuring subtle variations in colour and embroidery. $395 through

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