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Give your bathroom a new life by making it a blond

It has been a few years since the design world embraced light woods, but doing so can take a bathroom from bland to bold

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GO FOR A LIGHT WOOD TONE: Here, light-hued bird’s-eye maple veneer adds a welcome cheeriness to the fronts of a custom vanity. If you’re adding an unexpected accent, always be sure to reinforce with repetition — anything good is worth doing again in my books!

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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OPEN IT UP: To make storage more glam, try an an open surface and display area. Add some handsome band of stone, such as the marble mosaic installed here, for another great decor element.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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SHOWCASE A LAYERED, TEXTURED BLEND OF DIFFERENT STONES AND TONES: In this space, the combination of four cool-toned marbles was used to create a boldly striped floor and chic mosaic wall, reinforcing my opinion that more can be more in some circumstances.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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PUT A SERIOUS SOAKER TUB AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST: All bathtubs are not created equal. But before eliminating a bathtub from your must-have list, I challenge you to consider whether you’ve ever actually experienced a truly great soaking experience.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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