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3 top tools your garden shouldn't be without

Xeriscaping is a hot trend in gardening now - here are the tools you need

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Successful xeriscaping depends on the proper tools. Required for slow, continuous hydration, a basic drip system is inexpensive and easy to assemble, even for non-DIYers.Garden Drip Irrigation Kit 2, $105 through

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To hydrate plants in place, get a watering wand that attaches to your hose, then set it on very low and let it sit beside the plant until it’s well watered in (that is, until the water gets well below the root system), checking this with a trowel. (If the trowel comes up damp at least several centimetres into the soil, you’re good.) Haws Brass Water Wand, $73 at Lee Valley (

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A long, dished transplanting trowel with depth marked in inches on it is ideal. In addition to checking water levels in a bed, it’s great for moving baby sempervinums around. 12-inch Transplant SS Trowel, $13.50 at Lee Valley.

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