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Paint the town red with these drinks.

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THE RASPBERRY BALSAMIC CAIPIROSKA A novel take on a classic Brazilian cocktail


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THE ACE IN THE HOLE Inspired by the flavour of aged rum and garnished with an orange peel.

Chris Bolin/The Globe and Mail

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THE FASHIONISTA It’s a red dress, complete with orange boa, in a glass.


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THE PEPPERED SKYY A gastronomic-inspired cocktail flavoured with lemon juice, grapefruit bitters, and a peppered wine reduction.

Chris Bolin/The Globe and Mail

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THE SOPHIE JEZEBEL Named after a bar, the Sophie Jezebel is always a bit naughty, but downright wanton when it receives an extra shot.

Tim Fraser/The Globe and Mail

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THE BEET'N TO A PULP A cocktail fresh from the veggie patch.

Laura Leyshon/laura leyshon The Globe and Mail

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THE RED CARD This sports-bar inspired drink is a breeze to make.

Arantxa Cedillo / Veras/arantxa cedillo The Globe and Mail

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THE BRAMBLE A refreshing gin-based drink with a blackberry garnish.

Arantxa Cedillo / Veras/arantxa cedillo The Globe and Mail

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THE BURGUNDY RED LION Orange soda for grownups

John Morstad/john morstad The Globe and Mail

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THE IRISH SUNSET Amaretto and cranberry juice give this beer a festive twist.

Fernando Morales/Fernando Morales / The Globe and Mail

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THE LAY LADY LAY This decadent drink is like chocolate-covered strawberries in cocktail form.

JENNIFER ROBERTS/Jennifer Roberts / The Globe and Mail

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THE STRAWBERRY BASIL MOHINI A perfect balance of salty and sweet

Jim Ross/jim ross The Globe and Mail

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THE GARDEN BREEZE MARTINI Seasoned with cilantro and ginger, this isn't your average martini.


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THE CARIBOU CROSSING Jalapeno or black-pepper syrup gives this fruity cocktail a surprising kick.

Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail

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