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Check out Game of Thrones' real-life locations – in Ireland

HBO's Game of Thrones has filmed in the countryside of Northern Ireland since 2010. Now, fans of the show can take a special three-day tour of the Causeway Coast and Glens to see the real-life locations used in the TV series inspired by George R. R. Martin's novels. Season three begins on HBO Canada March 31

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Game of Thrones fans will recognize this ancestral castle as Winterfell seated by House Stark. Winterfell is located in the centre of the northern province of the Seven Kingdoms and is the capital of the North. In real life it's known as Castle Ward, which was built in the 18th century in Northern Ireland.

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The village of Bushmills (famous for one of the world’s oldest whiskey distilleries) represents the Dark Hedges. Viewers of GOT will remember this is where Arya Stark escaped from King’s Landing dressed as a boy.

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Ballintoy Harbor — a small village in Northern Ireland — is used to represent the Iron Islands, ruled by House Greyjoy. The Iron Islands are home to the fierce, cruel bunch who call themselves the Ironborn. Fans of the show will remember this spot as the homecoming of Theon Greyjoy after 10 years in Winterfell.

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The famous Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland represents House of Greyjoy, ruler of the Iron Islands.

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Downhill Strand is used to represent Dragonstone, the castle with a dark reputation. After Robert Baratheon conquered the Targaryens, he passed the island to his brother, Stannis. The castle is now of House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

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Another view of Downhill Strand.

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Another view of Downhill Strand.

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