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The biometric wallet, the leather backpack, the Kindle cover

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Safeguard it Pickpocket-proof your next vacation with Dunhill’s Biometric Wallet. Using biometric reading technology and a durable carbon-fibre construction, the pocket-sized vault opens only at the touch of your fingerprint. Link the wallet to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and an alarm will sound if you are separated from it by more than five metres. It also has a stainless-steel money clip and a sleek leather credit-card holder inside. $825 (U.S.),

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Carry it Peter Kent’s Amarillo backpack is built for urbane adventurers. Before hitting the cafés, museums and boutiques around town, secure your valuables in the two roomy zippered compartments, tuck your mobile phone in the interior pocket and make use of the handy interior silver clipped key holder. The pebbled-leather bag comes in a selection of bright spring colours including lilac, violet and cognac. $550,

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Protect it Let your Kindle be judged by its cover. Designed by Carrie Dunham, The Larchmont is a classy way to transform your electronic book reader from nifty gadget to glamorous accessory. The durable leather exterior and soft suede interior keep your reading material protected when not in use. $98 (U.S.),

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