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Protect your neck, massage your legs and clear the air

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Sleep on it Tired of travelling with a stiff neck and little sleep? The Complete Support Pillow by Cabeau outperforms the average inflatable travel pillow with its ergonomically designed, soft memory foam structure that cradles the neck and guards against head bobbing. Added comfort comes from the cozy velour cover that is easy to remove and wash. If you need music to lull you to sleep, tuck an MP3 player into the built-in side pocket, pop in the memory foam ear plugs and start dreaming. $34.99;

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Massage it Keeping the circulation flowing on long-haul flights isn’t always easy. Strap the Revita-Leg around your calf and guard against leg cramps and deep-vein thrombosis without leaving your seat. The battery-powered portable leg massager has multiple pressure settings and massage modes and automatically operates for 10 minutes at a time, so you can give equal attention to each leg. $149;

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Breathe it Breathe easy in flight with the AirTamer A300 Travel Air Purifier. Hang the portable device around your neck, attach it to an armband, or clip it to your shirt and it will sweep your personal space of everything from viruses and bacteria to mould, dust and pollen using ionic/electrostatic purification technology. Unlike most air purifiers, the AirTamer doesn’t require a filter and can run for almost three weeks continuously on a standard lithium battery. $59.95;

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