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Rachel Wevrick photo: Teenage bighorn sheep makes a decision - A young bighorn sheep scampers down a vertical rock wall in Jasper National Park, Cinquefoil trail. Taken May 22 2011 by the Casey family. Photo has not been enhanced or retouched in any way.

Rachel Wevrick/Rachel Wevrick

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David Slomp photo: Aliyah Slomp walking on the grounds of the Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lakes National Park. Photo taken July 4, 2011 using a Nikon D90 with a Nikkor 18-55mm lens.

David Slomp

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Brett G Haug photo: Tonquin Valley Christmas - The Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. This photo was taken last year at Christmas. Seeming we are still waiting for snow this year I am sending in one from last winter.

Brett G Haug/Brett G Haug

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Natalie Zizzo photo: Mirror Lakes - Mirror lakes in the Fjordland National Park in New Zealand

Natalie Zizzo/Natalie Zizzo

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Ewan Winter photo: The Bend - A railway curve in Banff National Park taken January 2010

Ewan Winter/Ewan Winter

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Derry McDonell photo: Rocky Mountain High - A glider from the Invermere Soaring Centre under tow heading towards the Rockies near Kootenay National Park, east of Invermere. Taken in July, 2007.

Derry McDonell

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Jordan Nixon photo: Bryant Creek, Banff National Park - This is the backcountry ski trail, Bryant Creek, near Mount Shark in Banff National Park.

Jordan Nixon/Jordan Nixon

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Boris Karn photo: Taking Stock - Submission for height photo call. Taken on Sept. 21, 2010 while summiting Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

Boris Karn

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Ashwinth photo: Taken at Banff National Park, Alberta.


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Jerry Kobalenko photo: A herd of arctic hare from the air, Hazen Plateau, Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island.

Jerry Kobalenko/Jerry Kobalenko

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Keith Deglow photo: Arches National Park - Sunset, fall 2005

Keith Deglow/Keith Deglow

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Lydia Guo photo: Sunrise over the savannah - The sun peeks through the clouds in an early morning game drive in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park. This was taken on my safari last weekend.

Lydia Guo/Lydia Guo

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Barbara Wackerle Baker photo: The - June 24/2011 Waterton Lake National Park - colours and reflection all in red.

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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Peggy English photo: Fall in Waterton - This was taken in Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta during the fall of last year. My friend and I were out enjoying the first snowfall.... in October!

Peggy English/Peggy English

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Gerry Lunn photo: Hiking Cape Breton Highlands - Just past sunset on Jul 16, 2007 find me, my son (pictured) and a good friend hiking across the floating bogs of central Cpe Breton Highlands National Park. ISO 200, 1/50, F3.5

Gerry Lunn/Gerry Lunn

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Gerry Lunn photo: Caribou Barren - A band of cloud tinged with sunset's flush over a small pond in the middle of the Caribou Barren of Cape Breton Highland's National Park, July 16, 2007. ISO 100, 1/50, F3.

Gerry Lunn/Gerry Lunn

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Rene Cote photo: Mt Sir Donald at sunset, in Glacier National Park, BC.

Rene Cote

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June 2011 - Shooting stars are abundant in Waterton National Park but this white one was special. Lineham Trail, Waterton.

Barbara Wackerle Baker

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Rene Cote photo: The Little Mattherhorn - near Sorcerer Lodge in Glacier National Park.

Rene Cote

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Dave Wright photo: Owl River Sentinels - Andy Nichols and Dave Wright scout a route to cross Owl River in Akshayuk Pass, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut.

Dave Wright

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Barbara Dorota Karpowicz photo: Bridge to Bow Lake - The photo was taken at Bow Lake, Banff National Park (July, 2009)

Barbara Dorota Karpowicz

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Christine McCardell photo: Mountain Top - Ever popular Banff National Park. Happy Anniversary Parks Canada! (June 2009)

Christine McCardell

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Barbara Wackerle Baker photo: From up high - Sept 2010 - View from Upper Rim Trail, Yellowstone National Park.

Barbara Wackerle Baker

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