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Tyson Bailey's mother drapes herself over her son's coffin during the last musical tribute at the funeral for 15-year-old Tyson Bailey at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Bentworth Ave. in Toronto. Bailey was shot to death last week in the stairwell of an apartment building in Regent Park.

Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Hindu holy men of the Juna Akhara sect participate in rituals that is believed to rid them of all ties in this life and dedicate themselves to serving God as a 'Naga' or naked holy men, after taking dips at Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna River during the Maha Kumbh festival in Allahabad, India. The significance of nakedness is that they will not have any worldly ties to material belongings, even something as simple as clothes. This ritual that transforms selected holy men to Naga can only be done at the Kumbh festival.

Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP

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Clouds mirror in a puddle on the Rhine meadows as a man and his dog walk by during sunset in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Martin Gerten/AP

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Protesters clash with police after entering the building compound of the Department of Agriculture, where the National Anti-Poverty Commission office is located, in Quezon City, Metro Manil. According to local media, dozens of protesters demanded that the Coconut Levy Fund, a tax imposed on coconut farmers during Ferdinand Marcos' martial law regime, be distributed among small coconut farmers genuinely in need of the funds.


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Markus Buerki of the botanical gardens in Bern shows the caterpillar of an Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) considered to be among the largest in the world. The Atlas moth wingspan may reach more than 25 centimetres.


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A migrant worker holds her daughter as she tries to sleep on a train near Huaihua, in Hunan province. Public transportation authorities expect about 3.41 billion train, flight and bus journeys to take place nationwide over the week-long Chinese New Year holiday.


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A Kachin Independence Army (KIA) soldier uses binoculars to observe outposts seized by Myanmar's government troops at an outpost on the Law Hpyu hilltop, one of the last hilltop outposts defending Laiza, three miles from the town of Laiza, in Northern Myanmar's Kachin-controlled region. A key outpost protecting the headquarters of ethnic Kachin rebels in northern Myanmar has fallen to government troops, a spokesman for the guerrilla group said Sunday. The KIA spokesman said the hillside outpost at Hka Ya Bhum, near the guerrilla group's headquarters in the town of Laiza, was overrun Saturday afternoon.

Alexander F. Yuan/AP

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