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Moments: Caught on Camera, Sept. 16 to Sept. 20

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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A boy runs ahead of decorated cows on a street in Mutters, some 10km south of the western Austrian city of Innsbruck September 14, 2013. At the end of the summer season, farmers move their herds down from the Alps to the valley into winter pastures.

Dominic Ebenbichler/REUTERS

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A selection of objects thrown by rioters and collected by the photographer during periods of civil unrest between December 2012 and August 2013, are seen in Belfast September 4, 2013.

Cathal McNaughton/REUTERS

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Members of the Dutch Royal Guard of Honour guide their horses through thick smoke during a rehearsal ahead of the Dutch 2014 budget presentation, at the beach of Scheveningen September 16, 2013.

Toussaint Kluiters/REUTERS/United Photos

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A train is reflected in the River Tweed as it crosses the Royal Border Bridge at dusk, in Berwick-Upon-Tweed in Northumberland August 22, 2013.

Toby Melville/REUTERS

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Laurie Ann Milne of Timmins, Ontario took this photo of herself while hiking along a trail in Bracebridge for the reader assignment on self-portrait. A creative portrait in the choice of angle and the fact you can't clearly see the person. But it gives you a look into their personality and adventurous side.

Laurie Ann Milne

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