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One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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A young man walks his dog through an abandoned asparagus field in autumnally colors near Bad Krozingen, southwestern Germany. REASON WE PICKED: The soft yellow and green hues could be reminiscent of a post-impressionist painting, but the red jacket reminds us it’s a photograph. The colours make for a perfect fall combination.

Winfried Rothermel/dapd/AP

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Fire crackers are set-off before effigies of the 10-headed demon King Ravana, Meghnad and Khumbkarna are set on fire during the festival of Dussehra in Srinagar. REASON WE PICKED: Shooting at night can produce unusual and unexpected results. Fireworks a popular one to shoot. This shot fills the frame with fireworks and using the people in foreground a great idea.

Fayaz Kabli/REUTERS

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A jaguar swims towards his that was dropped in the water during feeding time at Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor, Indonesia West Java province. REASON WE PICKED: Feeding time at the zoo is a great opportunity to capture the animals in action. Here the underwater shot is timed perfectly.


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A devotee of the Chinese Kathu shrine with swords pierced through his cheeks takes part in a procession during the annual vegetarian festival in central Phuket. The festival, featuring face-piercing, spirit mediums, and strict vegetarianism, celebrates the local Chinese community's belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help them obtain good health and peace of mind. REASON WE PICKED: Sometimes seeing is believing. In this photo that statement rings true. Also using a telephoto and shallow depth of field it just makes the subject the focus of shot,

Damir Sagolj/REUTERS

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Winning reader photo: Anne Connelly of Ottawa shot this image of children in Gontikiri, Central African Republic, as she was leaving a soccer match between Gontikiri and a neighbouring village. REASON WE PICKED: The girl’s charming smile and shyness in looking away from the camera, and the blurred boys in the background, make a great shot for this week’s faces assignment.

Anne Connelly

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