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In pictures: Your best photos of people at work

Here is this week's Photo Desk call-out. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in Friday's print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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This talented lady was carrying drinks on her head at a stop over restaurant on our way to the Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico. It was amazing to see her take orders, carry bottles, and dance at times

Mariam Magsi/Mariam Magsi

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Kensington Mkt. in Toronto in the evening

Paul Oxley/Paul Oxley

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I was volunteering in Mexico when I made wonderful acquaintance with this gentle, nurturing and humble cook. Always smiling, never complaining,

Mariam Magsi/Mariam Magsi

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As I was exploring the city of Cuernavaca, I happened upon this lady selling fruits and vegetables at the bazaar. She didn't seem to pleased about my intrusive lens, but I captured her unease.

Mariam Magsi/Mariam Magsi

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Harvesting corn the old-fashioned way

Jim Henderson/Jim Henderson

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Barbers of First Canadian Place.

Alex Lau/Alex Lau

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A book seller peddling his wares at a Saturday street fair

Gail Nixon/Gail Nixon

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Taken with a long lens, handheld from above of operators of the LRT train entering the tunnel, having crossed the bridge across the North Saskatchewan River at rush hour in Edmonton. April 30 2012.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Firemen working the fire that burnt four biuldings on main street Cranbrook B.C.

Gerry Frederick/Gerry Frederick

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April 29, 2012 My wife planting tomatoes in the garden.

R. Oldenkamp/R. Oldenkamp

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The young lad's job is to take the hand-harvested corn back to the barn

Jim Henderson/Jim Henderson

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Trying to make a buck in Greek Town, Detroit, July 2011.

Mora Gregg/Mora Gregg

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A street performer at work entertaining families on a Saturday afternoon

Gail Nixon/Gail Nixon

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Taken with a long lens, handheld of taxi driver patiently waiting to access the high level bridge southward at rush hour in Edmonton, April 30 2012.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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This picture was taken of a moving company employee in New York City in the Fall of 2011.

Tara Druzna/Tara Druzna

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Re-energizing downtown Fonthill, ON

Tara Druzina/Tara Druzina

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Preparing hot roasted chestnuts for passers-by on a Saturday

Gail Nixon/Gail Nixon

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Multitasking; Working While Walking

Patricia Brown/Patricia Brown

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Taken with long lens of bus driver pulling his bus into heavy traffic on the high level bridge in Edmonton at rush hour, managing a greeting at the same time. April 30, 2012.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Fireman explaining to young boy about the fire

Gerry Frederick/Gerry Frederick

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Hair dresser of horses. This man was getting the beast ready for it appearance in the horse and buggy rides at Earth Day in Hamilton. He also did less glamorous jobs that required a shovel and pail...

Lyne rosenkrantz/Lyne rosenkrantz

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Looking For The Sewer On Kippendavie Av, Toronto. May 1, 2012.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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September 9, 2010, curious passers by observe Robbie Benuik, Street Performer entertaining the public as Charlie Chaplin, The Little Tramp at Yonge Dundas, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Gregory Holmgren/Gregory Holmgren

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Me, disassembling a Maple Leaf 33 Radio set to look for suspect capacitors.

john pedersen/john pedersen

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Henna painting at the Little India festival, Toronto July 2011

Ilona Crabbe/Ilona Crabbe

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Cutting The Road For A Sewer Excavation On Kippendavie Av, Toronto. May 1, 2012.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Creating sponge toffee requires manually stirring the ingredients with a wooden paddle in a copper kettle over an open flame. Photo taken April 27th 2012.

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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videographerreporter from CHCH news, Melissa is interviewing one of the many who came out to Earth Day to plant trees and particiapte in all the fun activities

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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A harpist plays an art opening on Vancouver Island. Taken May 1, 2012.

Gord Iversen/Gord Iversen

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She is a hairdresser on the move on the streets of Beijing. All her equipment is loaded on the little motorized bike parked next to her client!

Shalini Dhir/Shalini Dhir

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Photo taken yesterday of fishers heading out to set traps for the opening day of lobster fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

G. Deziel/G. Deziel

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This man is grinding clili peppers for sale in the province of Xian in China

Shalini Dhir/Shalini Dhir

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I photographed this construction worker in front of Union Station.

Frederic Jon Mercnik/Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Some of the best fast food is found under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This photo taken on a hot day in August 2011 by James C Swartz captures the physical climate of working in the food industry.

James C Swartz/James C Swartz

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September 17, 2006, some of the 3000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel in attendance for the unveiling of The Veteran's Memorial at Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario.

Gregory Holmgren/Gregory Holmgren

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January 12, 2007, a lone factory worker, at the former Viceroy plastics factory in west Toronto. They used to make hockey pucks there, it is now a self storage building.

Gregory Holmgren/Gregory Holmgren

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While some work, others collect worms. These two got distracted from the job at hand when they found worms that needed protection from the spades all around. Taken on Earth Day in Hamilton Ont. 2012

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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A busy hot summer day under the Eiffel Tower in Paris captured by photographer James C Swartz.

James C Swartz/James C Swartz

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I took this photo in Hanoi in mid March. It seems everyone works to exhaustion there.

Robert Roy/Robert Roy

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Taken on Aug 17th 2011 at Ivor Wynn Stadium, Dave Stala from the hailton Tigar Cats is working overtime inspiring young football players to work hard, play hard and stay in school.

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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In the ancient Vietnamese town of Hoi An, a woman continues the multi-generational tradition of hand crafting boiterous paper lanterns (Jan, 2012)

Titch Dharamsi/Titch Dharamsi

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Taken on April 21st 2012 during Hamilton Earth Day Festival. This young lady had brought her own shovel and was one of the first up the hill ready to start tree planting!

Lyne Rosenkrantz/Lyne Rosenkrantz

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a respite from work- probably in the bank seen on the right, two people enjoy the sunshine in westwood, california

mary leipziger/mary leipziger

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Taken during Hamilton Earth Day, these grad students were two of the McMaster "Dig with the Dean" team. Along with all the other hard working volunteers in the background, a forest was planted in aday

Lyne rosenkrantz/Lyne rosenkrantz

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Image of my wife and her family take on Water Street in downtown St. John's during a recent shopping trip.

Aiden Mahoney/Aiden Mahoney

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This future librarian spends some of her work day shelving books. Photo taken April 27, 2012

Gail Chmilar/Gail Chmilar

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Stella at work as co-proprietor of Elizabeth Campbell Books, Kenora Ontario. 2011.

Mora Gregg/Mora Gregg

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A fisherman employs a technique unque to Burma, using his feet to paddle and a drop net to trap the day's catch

Titch Dharamsi/Titch Dharamsi

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Taken at Pollockville before our former Federal Minister of Agrilcuture passed away. Jack enjoyed his cattle, privacy and his family.

Le Gunderson

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This is the desk in the little stone house where Ian goes each morning to work at his songs. Voice recorder, memories, notes and a guitar close at hand.

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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I took this photo in Lebanon April 5/12 while visiting a souk and where this man was busy making pita bread.

Judith Gustafsson/Judith Gustafsson

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The day gets brightened as I see my administrator smile at her work table !


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This was taken last March, 2012. She was preparing and cleaning Holland Garden for spring flowers.

Menarose Angco/Menarose Angco

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A photo of self taking wedding photos on the Dominican Republic at exactly 5 p.m. when the great quake struck Port-au-Prince. We were lucky to ever leave the island alive.

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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