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An official with B.C.'s environment ministry says dead fish have been found following a tanker crash that saw up to 35,000 litres of jet fuel empty into a creek in the province's West Kootenay region.

Rick Wagner says consultants and contractors working to clean-up the spill in the Slocan Valley are finding dead fish along the shore.

A YouTube user shows contamination at river level:

Mr. Wagner says the number of dead fish is a cause for concern, but tests must be done to determine if they died because of the fuel spill or some other reason.

Mr. Wagner says the Calgary company responsible for the spill is assessing damage, and may be required to restock the fish population if a significant number died as a result of the crash.

The truck, carrying jet fuel for helicopters fighting forest fires, crashed into the creek on Friday.

The potential health and environmental hazards prompted officials to urge hundreds of people in the area north of Castlegar to leave their homes, but residents were told Saturday they could return.

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