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A pedestrian walks past a Tim Hortons restaurant in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014.Ben Nelms/Bloomberg

Tim Hortons has apologized after the owner of a Vancouver location was seen dumping a bucket of water on a homeless man sleeping outside.

"On behalf of Tim Hortons we sincerely apologize," said Michelle Robichaud, manager of public relations and social media, in a statement on Sunday.

"The regretful actions in a moment of frustration at one of our Vancouver locations (are) not at all reflective of our brand and restaurant owner values."

Robichaud said the owner is committed to personally apologizing and making amends with the individual, and will be making a "meaningful" donation to the Belkin House, a local shelter.

The incident at the Tim Hortons was first reported on Friday by witnesses on social media, where posts urging a boycott were shared thousands of times.

One person wrote on Facebook that the manager dumped a large bucket of water on the man, his dog and all of his belongings including his cardboard bed, while he was sleeping outside.

Robichaud did not respond to emailed questions about whether the owner faces disciplinary action, and the Tim Hortons location could not immediately be reached for comment.