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Thousands of Anti-abortion activists march down Elgin St. in Ottawa during the National March for Life on Thursday, May 13, 2010.Darren Brown/The Canadian Press

The anti-abortion club at Carleton University is suing the school for $225,000 after five students were arrested last fall for attempting to set up a controversial display.

The Ottawa students were handcuffed, taken to a police van and charged with trespassing for trying to set up a graphic photo exhibit.

The exhibit, called the Genocide Awareness Project, uses images of aborted fetuses to compare abortion to various kinds of genocide.

The statement of claim issued by the group's lawyer says the university discriminated against Carleton Lifeline and violated the students' freedom of expression.

The statement says other clubs which displayed controversial images were not arrested or charged with trespassing.

Jason MacDonald, a university spokesperson, has referred to the exhibit as "offensive" and said the students were given the chance to display it at another part of campus.