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Globe photographer Fred Lum and his wife paddle to another lake and campsite in Algonquin Provincial Park. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)
Globe photographer Fred Lum and his wife paddle to another lake and campsite in Algonquin Provincial Park. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)

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Canoe Day? Community Day? Eh Day? Your ideas for naming the August holiday Add to ...

We asked readers to suggest a new name for the August holiday, a truly national moniker that all of Canada could get behind. Here are some of the responses:


Several readers evoked nature:

Camping Day

A day in the woods to recapture our ties to nature.

PaulaAnne McNeil, St. John’s

Adventure Day

It's mid-summer, the lakes are warm, the weather is fair, and an extra day lands in our laps. What to do with it ... take out the kayak? Or maybe it's a canoe or fishing boat. Head out on a long cruise on the motorbike, or with the family in the minivan. Go somewhere, do something - have an adventure. What better way than to have a day dedicated to it.

Aaron McDonnell, London, Ont.

Harvest Day

Canadians buying locally grown food, encourages healthy eating, supports Canadian farmers and contributes to our national economy. The beginning of August is the start of harvest time for the many fruits and vegetables grown in Canada. Also, the word, 'Harvesting' refers to hunting, fishing and plant gathering by First Nations, Métis and Inuit. This day may also encourage some to get involved in a community vegetable garden or a personal home garden. Harvest Day is a day all Canadians can take pride in and enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Teresa Pamatat, Mississauga, Ont.

Discovery Day

All across this country people flock to campgrounds and cottages to enjoy the best this land has to offer. Cold drinks, a roaring fire and good times with friends and family is what the August long weekend is all about. Add in hot days, fresh water swimming and some glorious sandy beaches, the long weekend begs for all Canadians to get out there and discover new and amazing things in their own backyard.

Kristina Somerville, Toronto

Boreal Day

This name celebrates Canada as a northern country with its magnificent northern wilderness. It also celebrates our vast boreal forest, which extends across all of Canada and is a key element of our country's heritage. Finally, it reminds me of the aurora borealis, a symbol of the unparalled beauty of Canada's northland.

Peter Gammon, St. John’s

Canoe Day

Where would you rather be on that glorious mid-summer Monday than in a red Canadian canoe, on a quiet lake, early in the morning. The mist is still over the perfectly smooth water, a screen door slams somewhere, you hear the drip from the paddle as you glide. The sun is emerging behind the pines and you know in the cool of the morning that it will be a hot day.

Susanne Hynes, Toronto


Others want the day to embody our community spirit, our history or a well-known Canadian

Canadian Talent Day

To celebrate Canadian talent in entertainment, the arts, business, science and other fields. This would be a great opportunity to recognize the people who enhance Canada’s worldwide reputation as a creative and dynamic nation.

Dan Lyon, Toronto

Peace Day

The month of August is named after the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, and Augustus initiated an era of relative peace in Rome, known as the Roman Peace or Pax Romana.

August is a month where most people in Canada are off school, and take vacations off work. It's a month to relax and be at peace (especially this weekend). We should also be thankful that Canada is a peaceful and prosperous nation, comparable to the Roman Peace era back when Augustus ruled Rome.

Emil Jayatileke, Mississauga, Ont.

Unity Day

Because there is no "them", there is only "us".

Maureen Heath, Regina

Charity Day

A day to give back to family, communities, or a worthwhile cause. You can volunteer, attend an event or financially support.

Lawrence Lee, Red Deer, Alta.

Canuck Day

All Canadians celebrate a national identity as Canucks - English and French and multinational cultures all unite.

Jacqueline Lavigne, Harrow, Ont.

Appreciation Day

I'd start a tradition of doing something to help a total stranger on that day, in appreciation of all of our good fortune, living in Canada. While there will always be people who look for things to complain about, seriously, where on earth would we rather live?

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