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Keeping millennials engaged at work has become a hot topic of discussion for employers. For many businesses, Generation Y employees are too preoccupied with work-life balance and have unrealistic expectations of how quickly their careers will advance. Instead of navigating workplaces and dealing with those beliefs, some Gen Yers are choosing entrepreneurship, where they can set their own goals, follow their passions and work as hard as they need to – but for themselves.

We've asked four Gen Yers for advice on what members of their generation need to know to start their own business and how to deal with mixed employer perceptions. Rumeet Billan is a social entrepreneur and educator, Emerson Csorba is co-founder of Gen Y Inc., a consultancy and recruiting firm, Dan Schawbel is the founder of Millennial Branding and Dave Singh is the vice-president of strategy and operations at Kira Talent, and the founding partner of Stryde, a social enterprise devoted to inspiring the best in Gen-Y leaders early in their careers.

To view an archive of the discussion, click on the video player below.

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