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In Pictures: A look back at Conrad Black's humbling conviction

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Security cameras show Conrad Black, left, handing boxes to his chauffeur John Hillier outside the Hollinger Inc. office on May 20, 2005, in Toronto. Black was found guilty on the obstruction of justice charge, stemming from his removal of a dozen boxes from his Toronto offices in 2005 despite a Canadian court order sealing the premises.

The Canadian Press/The Canadian Press

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A cement divider at the corner of Bay Street and Adelaide Street paraphrases Black's mantra during his trial.

Tim Fraser for The Globe and Mail/tim fraser The Globe and Mail

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Columnist Barbara Amiel Black has stood alongside her husband throughout his trial and stay in prison.

M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press/M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press

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Conrad Black's trial became somewhat of a media circus on both sides of the border.

John Gress/Reuters/John Gress/Reuters

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Conrad Black leaves the federal building in Chicago on July 13, 2007, with his wife Barbara Amiel Black and daughter Alana Black after jurors returned a mixed verdict in his fraud and racketeering trial.

M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press/M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press

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Andy Warhol's 'Conrad Black, 1982' acrylic on canvas being put on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Sept. 27, 2007. The piece was a gift from Black.

John Woods for The Globe and Mail/john woods The Globe and Mail

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Conrad Black was accused of illegally pocketing millions of dollars that should have gone to Hollinger stockholders.

Verna Sadock/The Associated Press/Verna Sadock/The Associated Press

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Conrad Black has a legendary command of the English language. (Editorial Cartoon published July 12, 2007.)

Brian Gable / The Globe and Mail/Brian Gable / The Globe and Mail

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