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In pictures: A sneak peek at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

It’s not expected to open until next year, but The Globe was invited inside the Winnipeg museum for a sneak preview as the museum nears completion of major construction

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Backlit alabaster from Spain in the Hallway of Hope. The museum, established by Parliament in March, 2008, is being built in Winnipeg and is the first national museum to be located outside the Ottawa region.

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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A crew member works beside the Tower of Hope. The $351-million structure’s exterior is comprised of stone and glass, with the Tower of Hope sitting on top.

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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Angled wall of Root D at the group entrance. The museum’s purpose, says the legislation enacted by Parliament, is to “explore the subject of human rights, with special but not exclusive reference to Canada, in order to enhance the public's understanding of human rights, to promote respect for others and to encourage reflection and dialogue.”

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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Work is done on the basalt in the Garden of Contemplation. Construction on the museum began in the spring of 2009.

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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A crew member works in The Cloud area.

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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Overlooking the Garden of Contemplation. The museum will serve, according to its mission statement, as “a centre of learning where Canadians and people from around the world can engage in discussion and commit to taking action against hate and oppression.”

JOHN WOODS/The Globe and Mail

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