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Family and friends of four youths charged in the metro smoke bombing incidents shield themselves from the cameras as the bail hearing was postponed at the courthouse Monday, May 14, 2012 in Montreal.

The last person still in jail over a smoke-bomb attack that temporarily paralyzed Montreal's metro system is seeking bail today.

Francois-Vivier Gagnon is appearing before a judge while his lawyers argue for his release. Three other young women arrested with him were granted bail last week.

Mr. Gagnon faces charges of perpetrating a terrorist hoax; mischief of more than $5,000; conspiracy to commit mischief and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The details of the hearing cannot be reported because of a publication ban.

Mr. Gagnon has been detained since May 11 after turning himself in to police.

The four are accused of tossing smoke bombs into various subway stations on May 10, shutting down service during rush hour and prompting a mass evacuation of the transit system.

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