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Historical re-enactors and history buffs attended the War of 1812 Bicentennial Symposium at the University of Guelph on Feb. 25, 2012. The event included workshops on everything from women's period dresses to musket cleaning, and participants had an opportunity to augment their period wardrobe from the many vendors.

Abel Land, 19, dressed as a soldier with the 41st Regiment Foot, was all smiles as he greeted attendees.The Globe and Mail

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Marcus Kuehner, 15, dressed as a soldier with the 41st Regiment Foot, directs symposium attendees to the proper location.The Globe and Mail

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Marcus Kuehner, 15, dressed as soldier with the 41st Regiment Foot, pulls his overcoat closer against the bitter wind and cold.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Paul Roberts, dressed as a livery servant, listens to the keynote address by author and historian Donald Graves.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Andre Reed, dressed as a navy lieutenant from the Great Lakes Squadron, tries on a different hat with his uniform.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Andre Reed of Burlington, Ont, dressed as a navy lieutenant from the Great Lakes Squadron, heads to the next symposium.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Glendon Hovey holds a mirror for a customer trying on a gentleman's hat. Mr. Hovey's company, Sew Historic, provides historical garments and accoutrements for men.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Peg Kellins, of Clinton, Ont., tries on a man's hat to the delight of Glendon Hovey, centre, and Andre Reed.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Les Szabo, of Orangeville, Ont,. speaks with customers at his booth at the symposium. Mr. Szabo is dressed as a mid-level working class tradesman appropriate to that era. He works as gunsmith at various historical re-enactments and presented at the symposium on the proper disassembly and cleaning of a musket.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Les Szabo looks down the length of an 1812-era musket.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Peg Kellins, of Clinton, Ont., checks her mobile phone during a break from weaving. At right, Paul Watson, of Clifford, Ont., is dressed as a soldier from the 21st U.S. Infantry.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Bobby Taylor, 31, a tattoo artist from Welland, Ont., who is just getting into re-enacting with the 49th Regiment Foot, tries on a shako hat at the booth of P.C.E. Leather Works, run by Philip Charles Edwards. Mr. Taylor bought the shako as well as a number of other items to complete his 1812 soldier's attire.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Historical Interpreters from the Fort George National Historic Site, Elizabeth LeBlanc, left, and Sonia Steckley, do some shopping during a break at the symposium.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Anne Mooney, of London, Ont., knits a pair of era-appropriate long gloves, while attending a symposium session.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Tonya Staggs, of Nashville, Tenn., who had been one of the models for period dresses in an earlier lecture, takes photographs with her smart phone during a class on British and Canadian uniforms 1812-1814.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Participants take photographs of models wearing 1812-era dresses during a historical fashion session presented by Betsy Bashore.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Barb Monk, of Dixon's Dry Goods in Odessa, Ont., cuts fabric for a customer. She and her husband, John Dixon, specialize in historically correct fabrics from several eras.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Shoemaker Robert Land, right, of Guelph, Ont., discusses the fit of a new pair of shoes with Alexander Kuehner.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Three employees from Spencer's Mercantile in Hamilton take a break from working their booth. From left ot right they are Ema Rubignoni, 22, Kassandra Kearse, 23, and Alex Cuberovic.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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A uniform from the period.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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